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old stone bridge estates
Located in the Town of Rubicon, one mile North of Hwy 60 on Rome Road. (Nine miles West of Hwy 41 and three miles West of Hartford).

Summary of Restrictions

The square footage within the perimeter of the residence constructed on the Premises exclusive of porch, garage, patio, breezeway and other similar improvements, shall not be less than as hereinafter specified:
  1. 1. Minimum setbacks shall be 42 feet from the front and 8 feet on each side. The rear yard setback is 25 feet.
  2. Corner lots have a 42-foot front setback with a 42 foot setback on the street side yard.

  3. 2. Not less than 1750 square feet for a one-story residence.

  4. 3. Not less than 2200 square feet for a home that has more than one story.

  5. 4. Exterior walls shall be constructed of materials such as: brick, stone, cedar, stucco, wood, hardi-plank, fiber-cement or other high-quality man made materials or combinations thereof.

  6. 5. Natural wood or fiber cement or other composite materials shall be used for all exterior trim, including facias, freeze boards and corner boards and all window and door surrounds on dwelling. There must be consistency around all elevations of the home.

  7. 6. Wide trim (6") boards or shutters are required on all windows, cornerboards and doors.

  8. 7. Minimum roof pitch is 8/12 on a ranch and 6/12 for a two story home.

  9. 8. Outbuildings are allowed and exterior materials must match the homes building materials.

  10. 9. All building plans and exterior design must be approved by the ACC or his designated agent.


Included in the price of each lot is sewer with lateral to the lot line, skeletal storm sewer, telephone, gas, electricity and cable television, and permanent type asphalt streets with concrete curb. A well must be installed by the owner. An electric lamp post with photoelectric cell and mailbox selected by the Developer, is required to be installed at the front of each home site at the expense of the Buyer.


This development is located in the Hartford and The Rubicon Joint 6 School District. Saylesville School services K- 8 and Hartford Union High School services grades 9 - 12.


A Homeowners Association comprised of all the lot owners in Old Stone Bridge Estates has been created for the purpose of managing and maintaining entrance features, stormwater management improvements and park land.


All improvements constructed on the premises shall be subject to the following restrictions:

  1. 1. There shall be no above-ground swimming pools permitted on the premises.

  2. 2. Satellite dishes are not permitted.

  3. 3. The residence and garage must be completed within one year of commencement of construction and only one residence may be constructed on the premises. The driveway shall be paved within one year of substantial completion of the construction of the residence. Landscaping must be completed within one year.

  4. 4. The Premises may not be used for storage or long-term parking of any recreational vehicle, including without limitation, boats, campers, trailers and motor homes unless such vehicle is completely located within the garage.

  5. 5. Prior to occupancy, the Premises shall have an electric lamppost, specified by the developer, with photoelectric controls, installed at Buyer's expense. From and after installation, the lamppost shall be properly maintained by Buyer.

  6. 6. Each Lot shall have a uniform mailbox and newspaper box on a uniform post which shall will be paid for at closing and be installed by the Lot owner per postmaster's requirements.

  7. 7. All outbuildings, fences, play structures, porches, decks, gazebos, hot tubs, shuffleboards, swimming pools, retaining walls or any other landscape features must be approved in writing by the ACC before installation.

Please visit our website for additional information and Deed Restrictions: www.CarityLand.com

For a printable version of these restictions in a Word format, click here.